Votekick abuse

Since the votekick system is in place, people mash "yes" at every vote even when its really not fair at all. It's kangaroo court. I was playing commander on Insurgent side and after carrying in the Push phase, some idiot wanted to votekick me because I wasn't "playing commander right" because I didn't call anything in immediately after dying once. And as always, everyone votes yes because its more amusing to kick someone than it matters to have another player on the team. And this is aside from all the kicking of players that dont rush in when theyre the last one alive (although they're annoying its not fair to kick them). That's not to say that it hasn't been used for good, but all it takes is some level 23 player who knows nothing to call you useless, and you're gone even though you're at the top of the scoreboard by a large margin.
So far I think this has been abused too much, I've seen people fight in voice chat and instead of muting each other they start a kick vote and it always passes. It's stupid. Anyway this is just my opinion, feel free to disagree. And no, just because a majority says something doens't mean they're right.

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@ham-cucumber See and yet I play commander quite often and I just don’t have this problem... Just saying(shrugs). I have yet to have been kicked from a single match...

Me neither until new players came in that have no idea what they're talking about. You just have to fall victim of one random asshole and you will get kicked from a match.

@ham-cucumber said in Votekick abuse:

people mash "yes" at every vote

And this is aside from all the kicking of players that dont rush in when theyre the last one alive,

And as always, everyone votes yes

all it takes is some level 23 player who knows nothing to call you useless,and you're gone even though you're at the top of the scoreboard by a large margin

It's stupid.

What you are describing is actually that many of the people playing are young/new, or simply that you are not playing as good as you believe - probably not in this case if you on top scoreboard. This problem should be smaller IF the game and/or gamemode appeals to a mature crowd, and the game gets some age so people get more experience.

Look at rising storm 2 vietnam: Vote kick function is there. Unnecessary votekicking is almost nonexistent. Its not the function of votekicking in itself, its several factors combined:

  1. When you get killed by a friendly, there should automatically popup options to the player like forgive/not forgive teamkill, and then a list of available choices if not that consists of delayed respawn etc. This would reinforce player behaviour to make choices not connected to the votekick fuction. The extra thought needed to decide that further action was needed and try start up a voteckick as well would be much higher. [So there is game mechanics in Sandstorm not optimized towards a votekick funtion]

  2. Don't choose roles that draws attention to votekick if the community playing has some fixed idea how the role should be played like you dont agree with. [You are putting yourself in a position that creates incentive to votekick you], stupid reasons or not just dont do it

You can only control reason 2 for now, except by giving feedback which is good=)

  • You have enlisted in the International Democratic, Electronic Military of NWI where every vote count and no person is unsuited for military service no matter the age or function level. Every soldier in our service is randomly popping in from across the world and decides for themselves which weapon they want to use. We don't have a commander, but randomly attack our enemy like zerglings. Hope you enjoy your stay!

I agree with most of your points, although I wasn't playing commander with any sort of interpretation in mind. You shoot and call shit in whenever it seems opportune. I just died once while defending and immediately after respawning, someone started a votekick saying I'm worthless even though I carried him 5 minutes ago. It's mindboggling. I won't keep crying on about a shitty experience I had, but I hope you understand that there is no way to really avoid this, and suggesting I should refrain from playing commander, because some asshole who bought the game the same weekend might kick me because he thinks he's better, is ridiculous. Even if we for the sake of argument assume that I'm the worst commander on the planet, I still have every right to play it. It's not a competetive either. But I still agree with you, more mechanics to rely on before votekicking would probably be useful. Right now I see at least one votekick every game (I only play Push) or so and it's pretty stupid. Observer tells commander to call something in immediately, he doesn't, commander gets kicked. That's what happened to me and it could happen to you. And yes this is not as much NWI's fault as it is an asshole abusing a bad system, but right now, this could happen to you too. And I hope it does so I dont have to feel like it's actually my fault.


Dear brother, don't do it if u cant handle it, or its not a problem anyway right. Ppl treating u bad for no reason is not ur fault, not saying that. Just telling how to avoid it - its internet and stupid stuff will happen right.

It could and have happened stuff like that to me as well, but you know what, I dont care as its just a video game=D

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Here I played this game 1 minute ago, the guy starts votekicks on the last 2 players alive so the game ends quicker (they actually still had a shot, it was 2v1 for us at the cache while attacking). Just because. I see this shit all the time and I'm sure you do too.


@ham-cucumber and what is your point? Some guy tryed to kick useless campers, and nobody keep him up. So what?

@ham-cucumber i dont see the point. there must be a reason you noob or what ever lol

What the hell is even left of this community anymore?

@Sulfur No actually, they were the last two people alive and they were against one other person in the enemy team and they tried to take either him out, or the cache. It's on the slower end of gameplay but it's tense and it DECIDED THE FUCKING OUTCOME OF THE ENTIRE MATCH, but yeah he wanted to kick them because he was dead and wanted to get to the menu a few seconds earlier. It's sad and pathetic, and it's a joke that you call that "useless camping". What fucking diarrhea comes out of your mouth dude?

At first message you mentioned that

@ham-cucumber said in Votekick abuse:

people mash "yes" at every vote

and now you place screenshot where nobody cares about that voting.
Isn't a contradiction here?

There alweys be man who doing some stupid shit.
So what? How is this voting mechanics problem, if nobody agree with him?

My argument really doesn't rely a whole lot on that screenshot, I just capped it for fun because I see people like that all the time. That being said, I don't plan on convincing you of anything, so feel free to disagree. But I'm gonna kick you when I see you in-game, just to prove a point.

In this video you can see how 7 people can't add just 1 vote to kick griefers, so I doubt this community and this votekick mechanics will allow you to kick somebody 😊