My first impression of all the new chaos ships. And some of the chaos perk changes.

Thank you for the new content drop guys.

So far the campaigns been great!

But let's get to the point. The new ships.

ES: Apostate.

It looks interesting. A slightly better idolator.

C: Emasculator

Its trying to be a carnage and a lunar at the same time. but I'm afraid it's increased prow armor will not make it worth the reduction in damage output. That.... And there is no reason to take hybrid ships because there is absolutely nothing they are better at for the most part.

BC: Hecate

Basicly a punchier devastation with an absurd price tag. It could be good. But the price tag makes me just want to get the styx and combo it with the Hades or a more specialized ship. It probably would be good if it got a decent price reduction.

GC Hell fire

Omg such a sexy ship. But it's stats make it probably the most awkward chaos ship in the roster.

It's main weapon batteries only having 13500 range coupled with its lawn tractor speeds forces it to be nothing more than a over priced bait ship.

There are 2 ways to go about this.
Give it torps and increase lance range


Increase speed and range so it can atleast stay away for 10 seconds longer before summary executioned overlords or tyrants come in and blow it up and snicker "chaos kiting faction? LuLZ"


Demonic ritual rework might be good. I can effectively ignore some hoardings when it happens.

Warp powered is an odd one. I never seen it be useful.

Most of the other perks are still trash

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Just to be sure, the "Monarchia" Gloriana titan was present before the patch?

Apostate speed 200 vs idolator 240 and Eldar will laugh at the suggestion of Apostate superiority until you lose. Still useful against Space Marines, Orcs, etc. But not auto-choice..

Emasculator is worthless: strong nose with no ram or torpeds like IN or lot frontal guns like tau and eldar.

Hecate amazing with helldreke and berserk grades: increase the chance of crit boarding action from 10% to 50%. Also, Hecate is definitely not Devastation, because Hecate has board macro no board lance like Dev. and Hecate macro have a range twice as long as Devastation macro. This means that it is quite easy to crush Devastation in close combat, but Hecate in close combat, give the attacker no less problems than at a distance, maybe even more..

Hellfire have board fire power almost like Hades and Aheron put together. Almost because the Hellfire has one macro and one lance turret, while Hades and Acheron together have six turrets. But this is still significant firepower. Actually, Hellfire is Chaos analogue Imperial Grand Cruiser Vengeance.

Demonic ritual now awesome. New torps need tests.

What I was really disappointed with is the lack of new light cruisers. I mean, are you guys serious? We have four cruisers, three battlecruisers and grandcruisers. You add one new ship for each class. And it's OK. But we only have two types of light cruisers and you add nothing? No Schismatic-class, no Unbeliever-class and of course no Pestilaan-class for Nurge followers.

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