I have 16 gigs of ddr4 ram an rtx 2060, and an i7 8th gen with 12 core processors

I should be able to run on high settings if I wanted to but I can't or I get below 50 frames.

The CPU is running at a high of 94% usage and a low of 90% usage. Meanwhile my GPU is only at 50% usage. I just think something needs to be done, and my GPU should be utilized more.

My frames drop from 90 or 110 frames all the way down to 58 frames in less than a second. I can run bf1 (battlefield 1) on a low of 90 frames with 0 frame drops.

I should be able to run insurgency with at least 80 frames consistently with no frame drops.

After The Update
After the update my frames definitely increased A LOT. However, there is still work to be done, GPU definitely needs to be utilized more I don't think this game should rely so heavily on CPU.