Some Strange AI Glitches

I do have a massive thread on the general side on AI issues that I think need to be tweaked, and I linked this video there, but I'm gonna make a separate post about it:

Youtube Video

So, this video has six clips. I'll talk about them in order.

  1. I die by a bot seemingly not in view? I wasn't shot through the wall, either. Maybe it's a netcode thing or something.

  2. This clip is actually a bug that I've talked about before, but this is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. AI can basically see through anything that's transparent and anything that can be walked through. This includes leaves on trees. grass on the ground, and even the curtains in Objective Alpha on Outskirts HC Insurgents.

  3. A bot melees me while in midair? You can't even see the animation, either.

  4. A bot manages to disable my gun with a melee charge, even though the melee charge didn't even hit me?

  5. A suicide bomber kills me through a solid concrete wall on Outskirts? He didn't even seem close to it when the vest went off, either.

  6. A suicide bomber yells and detonates, but his cell phone never goes off.

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Hey @MarksmanMax,

Thanks for the video that showcases some AI problems. I'll pass it on to the team, so they can investigate!

Explosions can go through walls, so that is intentional.

The rest is hilarious though.

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@Grave said in Some Strange AI Glitches:

Explosions can go through walls, so that is intentional.

He didn't seem like he was that close to the wall, though. It's not some garbage house wall, either. That's supposed to be solid concrete lmao.

I can guarantee you that I would've lived if I hid behind a trash can instead.