We noticed really intensive differences of bot-difficulties between matches for a long time now, so perhaps it's a good time to ask, how this is coded.

Sometimes a match is easy, bots seem to be polite and friendly ;), they wait 1-2 sec. before they shoot, they don't snap you from far away and the whole team wonders what's going on, winning through the match without much effort.

The the next match comes and you think you are in some sort of revenge-arena: Bots are way more aggressive, snapshot you from long distances, kill you with some sort of priority in melee, your team is struggeling to get past the first objective.

Can a dev say something about that? Is bot-difficulty set random between matches? And the real question is: Can we server-people switch that off somehow (game.ini, startparameters etc.)?

We really would like to set the difficulty to a stable middleground on our servers, because those random nightmares are frustrating members - up to the point they all quit while the other extreme (sleepy-bots) is not challenging enough.

We thought we could change those behaviours within the game.ini, but it doesn't change the fact that there's some sort of random mechanism going on, ruining the configuration sometimes.

Really would like to know how to switch that lottery off.

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