Difficulty getting a game

So, today spent 2 hours going for some competitive games.

Most of the time, I get into the ready check stage after around 3-4 minutes of waiting. Majority of the time someone does not ready and it gets cancelled and soon I get into another ready check.

Two times I've gotten "Unable to find server" or something like that when the ready stage has been completed with everyone ready. When that happens, competitive mode option says "Match in progress" and when I click it, it tries to join and soon again gives "Unable to find server". After a few minutes of waiting, I can join a queue again.

Three times I've actually gotten into the map, but someone hasn't connected or leaves in the first 30 seconds.

I've only gotten one actual competitive game (and that was totally imbalanced and I stomped it with something like 14:3 K:D..) in two hours.

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Hello @tzaeru,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. What's your region, please?

EU, connecting from Finland.

Thanks for the further information. I'll pass it on to the team! Did you have any issues in co-op?

Haven't tried co-op.