Not Getting Any EXP

I noticed this problem has been persisting even after the game was released. I didn't get any EXP whatsoever and I played all modes equally.

same after 1 round of playing you get xp. i got like 80 kills 3 deaths no xp but after the new round i got it. so weird.
even when your level is 0 you dont get any xp

Same here. I've owned the game since beta, but I haven't played until now since I was waiting for them to enable XP on community servers. At first I thought it was just the community servers, but I wasn't getting XP from official servers either, so now I've reinstalled my game twice (also deleted my Steam userdata for the game and the Insurgency folder in AppData/Local each time).

Since then, I've played four rounds of Checkpoint in Official Matchmaking (won 3 of them, lost 1) and still nothing. The XP screen simply never comes up, it just sits on the Victory/Defeat screen for a bit and then goes straight to the map vote and then onto the next map. None of my in-game stats are changing either (time played = 0, kills = 0, etc.)

Funnily, my own dedicated server has community XP enabled, and I've confirmed other people can gain XP while playing on it, just not me.

I had a friend that was having the same issue but he had never played on an Official Server, only our Community Server

When stats were enabled he still didn't get any XP after matches

We found that after playing a round or 2 on an Official Server that he then received XP on our Community Server

It seems as if some community servers don't give EXP even when they are marked that they should.

Hello everyone!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. So, you didn't have the XP screen when a match ended right?
@Meddy000, if I understand correctly, you're unable to gain any XP in both Community servers and Official ones?

@chaton Interestingly enough, it started working about an hour ago. Not really sure what caused it to suddenly work, but after playing another two official matches I started gaining XP. It's also working on my dedicated server, so everything's good now. Guess I just had to keep playing official matches? Wish I could say for sure if that's what fixed it, but thanks anyways.

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@Meddy000 Thanks for the further information. That's indeed strange. I'll pass it on to the team, so they can look into it.

I didn't get any kind of post-game screen whatsoever.

The same thing is happening to me, my server displays the XP badge, but niether me nor my friends seem to have gained any XP. I have not seen the post-game screen once. I found this LogGameMode Warning "Missing Statistics ApiKey= in [GameStatisticsNWI]", could this be related?

Hey @PandAfro,

Thanks for this information. Does this issue still persists? I'll pass it on to the team, so they can look into it!

Hey @chaton
I haven't run the server in a bit, let me test it out tonight and I'll get back to you

@chaton said in Not Getting Any EXP:

Hey @PandAfro,

Thanks for this information. Does this issue still persists? I'll pass it on to the team, so they can look into it!

Can I get a response in my thread about loadouts not saving? Thanks so much.