Customization super annoying bug, please check it.

It seems to me, or the developers don't watch this category? However, this post a valid annoying bug.
This nonsense has been happening for 2 weeks after update with the Outskirts map. The fact is that after creating a few pre-sets of clothing and restarting the game, they are deleted ... All the old pre-sets from the previous session are deleted when the game is restarted. And I tried almost everything, I just can not figure out how to solve it. I'm really confused, am I the only one with this problem ?? I did not see a single post about this problem. This bug puts a lot of pressure on the perception of the game, I really want you to fix it, or at least help me, my God!

Not sure if this could fix it but you could try making the Profile.sav file as read-only:

So try doing it before re-launching the game.

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