Attachment Duplicates, Two of the same foregrips but different costs -

As you can probably read by the title I stumbled across something I felt to be a bit unsual.

As I was setting up some classes for Competetive I noticed there were two exact same grips for the AKS-47U with one of them costing more than the other similar to the Bipod grip for Security. I'm quite sure that the intention wasn't to let the AKS have a Bipod grip (or just a second grip at all) since it is a Carbine and not an Assault Rifle/Battle Rifle.

If this is unintended then hopefully devs see this and fix this.


Hi @Limpan ,
I will send it to them directly as I don't know if was intended or not. Thank you for spotting this and coming back to us! Have a great one.

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