BUG: Team radio causes series of radio beeps, does not transmit voice

When using Team Radio, your voice does not transmit. All the team can hear is a series of radio beeps. I first noticed this yesterday, and it's a real pain in a game in which communication is pretty important.

In the first case in the video below, it's happening to me. You can't hear the beeping, but a couple of players let me know they could (one muted me because it really is pretty irritating).

In the second case, it's happening to someone else so you can hear the beeping. If you pay attention, you can see that the player (Keanu Wick) says, "Got it." You can hear that just fine. The next instant, he tries to speak again but his voice doesn't come through, just the irritating string of beeps.

Youtube Video

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@skillet Saw this happening on my last match too with one player, thought he was doing it on purpose but I wasn't sure, as he did it occasionally.

Nope, it's a bug. We noticed it last night when one of our players was getting frustrated that we couldn't hear her over voice--we only heard the beeps. Pretty annoying.

Thank you everyone and sorry for the inconvenience. I am sending your video and this thread to the team so they can take a look at it directly.

Glad to hear it's been forwarded.

Just had this occur a lot more today in a couple of instances for a multitude of players. Once the error begins it seems there's no recovery from it - except a new instance.

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@Olanov You're right. Once this bug occurs, the only "fix" is when the match ends and you join a new one.

I have been playing for about 6 hours today. I only found out after about 4 hours why nobody was responding to me. PLEASE make this a priority fix! Communication in this game is KEY! Thank you for keeping a pulse on things, devs! 🙂

mine doesnt work at all and i cant hear teammates as well