New Update Feedback: Hardcore Co-Op, Frenzy, General

Hey guys! Posted once or twice before with some personal feedback and I wanted to share my observations once again. Not 100% sure this is where it should go, but if this isn't a good place for communicating with the Devs I'd appreciate you pointing me in the right direction!

Here goes!

-Team damage in Hardcore Co-Op is very low. I know this sounds like a minor complaint, or I'm advocating for trolls, but it feels weird to me that the game mode is (in general) very realistic but I can shoot my teammate 7 times and he's still alive. Maybe it's just but it really ruins my immersion.

-The AI does not utilize their Commander abilities very well at all. I'd say 8 times out of 10 it's a smoke mortar barrage - sometimes on their own position. Typically at least 1 other time out of 10 it's a bomber drone that just slams into the top of a building and has no effect. I'd suggest giving them more of a bias towards rockets and chemical mortars - things that the AI can have better success with.

-The effective range on chemical mortars is laughably low. There are times when I'm standing in the smoke/gas visual but I'm not effected. This is made worse by the fact that mortars don't go through buildings very well - they typically have 0 effect on the occupants.

-Is there any reason the newer guns added to the game don't share mags with their family of firearms? I'm not a gun expert at all, so if I'm missing something I'd appreciate being educated! It is, however, my current understanding that things like the Alpha AK should be able to share magazines with the other AK variants, likewise with the QBZ and G36K using AR-15 mags.

That's all I have off the top of my head (I should write things down) but I appreciate anyone who reads this and shares their opinion! Love the game, it's my favorite modern FPS, and I look forward to seeing what else you guys do in future updates!

P.S. HUGE fan of the port you've done with Ministry. My favorite map so far (although those leaning skyscrapers are damn cool too).

friendly fire is cancer

rockets can go through several floors of a building and gas can go through walls, so the less the bots use these the better

and yet the gas can kill me through walls

magazine sharing sounds good to me

Friendly fire can definitely suck, but it's also a core aspect of the "hard core" modes. Target identification becomes a big issue, especially indoors, when your UI isn't telling you who to shoot at. It's just one of those last missing pieces of the puzzle when it comes to their realism modes that I think really needs to be addressed.

I'm not sure how gasses, smokes, and explosions are supposed to work in their engine, but they're incredibly unreliable when used against targets behind cover and especially indoors. I've stood on top of frag grenades before and had nothing happen. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I think explosives/gasses are way less effective then they should be, especially in hard core modes. Also, why wouldn't I want my adversary to be combat effective..? Why are you even playing the game at that point?

When it comes to chemical gas, getting killed usually comes down to two factors. Bad luck, and user error. If you're hit directly by a chemical mortar while outside, that's bad lucky - you don't even have time to get a mask on. While in doors, though, not only do you have plenty more time for the gas to "creep" through the walls (although it rarely does) but you have plenty of other areas to move to. The amount of mortars in a barrage, and their spread, usually don't have even close to 100% coverage of even the smaller objectives.

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Hello @HellboP,

First off, we're happy that you're enjoying Sandstorm.

This official forum is a good place where you can give us any feedback about the game. When it comes to gameplay or some other questions related to the game, I'd suggest you to post in the "General Discussion" section, while for all technical issues, you can post here!

I'll pass your suggestions on to the team, so they can have a look! Thanks!