Greedfall can be pre-order now on Steam!

I like the look of the rifle.

I hope something as nice appears for the PS4.

I'm waiting for the game to be pre-ordered on the xbox store.

The pre-order outfit is only for the male character or is there a version for the female avatar ?


I'd imagine all armor and clothing is uni-sex.

I think i'm going to stick with a mostly ranged build. Should be interesting.

Also preorders for consoles are up on amazon. Probably elsewhere as well.

Still not available in the Uk though. Boo.

@julsouri Nice catch with the date! That's not too long. Thanks. 🙂

Next official trailer should announce this release date.
Spider give it to US!!!

Is there any reason to pay for game which doesn't even exist?
Why not pay when you see reviews, or at least it will released?

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@Sulfur Well, Some game have a bonus for anyone who pre purchase. That's include Greedfall too.

Greedfall give adventure gear DLC for pre purchase. That DLC may available to buy after game release but you have to pay additional $ for them.

Some game also available to pre download before game release. That mean you don't have to wait for hour/risk for server down while downloading game.

For me I usually pre order game that I absolutely sure to play it at day1. Especially if they give some bonus to me.

I have enough faith in Spiders to pre-order this game. So far they've delivered on their promise of enjoyable games so if the bonuses are available on the physical copy of Greedfall I'll try and snap them up.

@Sulfur Spiders has shown they put more heart in their game than most AAA studios so I will happily preorder to support them.

I see that Greedfall can now be ordered on Amazon and on GameStop. Both say December 31st as the release date. I hope that date is simply a placeholder, and will be updated, and is not a three+ month console delay.

@tudorhousewife Someone ask about date on Amazon too and they confirm on twitter that release date is September 2019

Nothing on Amazon UK. The only Greedfall match there is a clock lol.

@Fortune86 That's so weird. The US version has both consoles up.

@Fortune86 said in Greedfall can be pre-order now on Steam!:

Nothing on Amazon UK. The only Greedfall match there is a clock lol.

LOL! In Canada, the only thing is some kind of wall art. Guess we'll have to be patient. 😉