Good Day, Admirals!

The Chaos Expansion approaches, and with it, our next free update. The paid expansion and free update both arrive on the same day, June 24.

In our previous two blog posts, we covered the story and the mechanics of the new Chaos Campaign. In today’s Community Update, we look at the changes coming in the free update, which brings improvements to all the campaigns - Imperium, Necron, Tyranid, and Chaos.

Improved Fleet Management

  • You’ve asked for it, we’ve worked on it, it’s here – you can now swap ships between fleets! Although some restrictions apply depending on sub-factions, you will be free to tailor your fleet to your own destructive tastes.


  • Dismantle entire fleets (or individual ships) as you please, leaving room to create a brand new one. Doing this will dismiss the admiral and give you back a portion of their value. No more will Admirals be sent off to their confused and sudden doom in order to be replaced.
  • As you level, you will now be able to pick your Admirals’ skills. The first skill will be locked, but the rest are yours to choose.
  • Your Admirals will now have access to level 4 Admiral upgrades with new effects, such as an extra galaxy map movement point, increased troop regeneration, or improvements to the evolution of Points of Interest.

More Variety

  • Six new Secondary Objectives (from the first Battlefleet Gothic: Armada) have been introduced to regular missions. One secondary mission will appear in every battle, and completing them will award you various things, such as battleplans, extra movement points, and more.


  • In-depth Campaign Options allow you to set up a new campaign in far more detail than previously, such as tweaking the AI, determining leadership points, or the ability to cancel invasions entirely. You can select which of the secondary missions you want to see in your campaign, if any, and even adjust a ton of economy options.
    If you want to share your exact preset with others, you will be able to do that too! This new feature makes the campaign deeply customizable, but keep in mind that the settings can’t be changed after launching the campaign.


  • AI Ultimate Power
    Allow the enemy to thrive with impunity at your own peril! If certain conditions are met, the enemy AI’s faction-specific Ultimate Power will be triggered. Most of these apply to a single system. Although new dialogue will give narrative context to each of these, a Waaagh! never needs context, if you ask us.
    • Aegis of the Imperial Fist: The Phalanx joins the battle.
    • Chaos Portal: Chaos threat level in the sector rises 10 points.
    • Waaagh!: Ork Fleets have their max fleet capacity doubled.
    • The Seventh Path: Aeldari threat level rises by 1 in every sector, and if left unchecked too often, will trigger an invasion in every sector.
    • Hive Hunger: Tyranids devour an entire system, removing every attribute of its planets.
    • Dolmen Gate: Necrons will perform an invasion in the sector every turn.\

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Battleplans can now completely cancel an invasion.
  • The Advanced System Panel gives you a better view of all the systems and allows you to conveniently upgrade your points of interest from a single menu.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the major features coming in the update, and that you’re itching to get your fleet into glorious battle. This post is by no means an exhaustive list, as the update will include numerous further tweaks and of course, balancing. The full patch notes for the update will be available on launch day, June 24.

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