Host closed the connection

Re: [Sudden "Lost connection to server"](with no indication of connection issues)

It never happened to me before current version of Now it kick me everytime I connect to a server at random time interval. It usually kick me out before I can finish a single game. It's basically unplayable.

OS: Win 7 (64-bit)
I already tried to reset network settings as was recommended and didnt work.

Hello @lordalik,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Does this issue still persist after yesterday's update?
Which game mode were you trying to play, co-op or versus via the matchmaking system?

Thanks in advance.

I am having this same issue, I waited for the update to see if it would persist through. I am still having the issue. I could be in the middle of a game and my ping is fine, the network is stable and it will randomly kick me out with the message "Host closed the connection.".

Hello @lordalik and @circlegod,

Can you restart Steam client to see if it solves the problem? Please upload your log files here (%LOCALAPPDATA%\Insurgency\Saved\Logs). That'll help a lot.

Thanks in advance!

I have restarted the steam client and the problem persists. I contacted a member of the support staff via discord, they recommended I open some ports on my router. I did this, but it also did not resolve the issue. Please see the attached log file from the directory requested.[0_1561502368588_Insurgency.log](Uploading 100%)

Hey @circlegod,

Thanks for the further information! Can you upload again your log file, please?

@chaton [0_1561649731444_Insurgency.log](Uploading 100%) This do it? It said it uploaded before but it didn't I assume?

@circlegod It's seems there's something wrong with the uploading option. I can't see the file.

I can't very well help the issues with uploading the file. I think maybe you need to let me post bigger files?

[0_1562022367099_Insurgency.log](Uploading 100%)

Were you able to resolve this issue, cause I'm also having the same problem.

For anyone with this problems still looking for a fix. I was able to fix it by port fowarding on my router. Let me know if you need any help.

I too am unable to get on any game, when the game launches I get the error "Connection to the server timed out", several other friends of mine on Steam have reported the same issue and are unable to get into the game as well. This is a major problem for a selection of players as many cannot even play the game, this issue started for me and my friends with the June 26th hotfix. Please fix this issue.

Hello everyone,

Can you please send an email to, with your log file and Steam ID?