Always on freeaim

I know a lot of people are going to be against this idea; but I think it would be a rather nice option.

To be honest; it's rather difficult to explain why this is a rather fun and cool addition so if you want to try it out yourself in
ye old insurgency 2014; it can be achieved with this wonderful mod!

Now why would this make a good addition to sandstorm? Well; really it just comes down to choice.
I guess to go into detail though; I would really like to see this as an option because of how more immersed I tend to feel. Being able to
change targets without having to swing my entire view around and keep things a bit more static just feels a bit nicer and helps me focus
a bit better without everything becoming a blur. Sure, higher refresh rate monitors will help with that; but I feel that players without such an option
would enjoy this greatly.
Another benefit of having always-on free aim is that recoil affects the gun position; but not as much the camera. This prevents screen jitter that you
get from simulating recoil and helps with motion sickness. In general it just keeps the camera more static and smooth which I feel helps with visibility.

All in all, I guess the best way to explain it really is by trying it yourself. I know most people are against having a crosshair that is de-centralized; but
I feel I like the challenge and the benefits it has is really an appealing factor to me. Having the option would be rather nice. Though, if you are having a
hard time seeing what I am getting at; I would highly recommend trying out the mod above yourself.

Thanks for reading,

Hey @Dewm,

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll pass it on to the team!