BUG: Leaning glitch (1.2 patch)

As of the 1.2 patch, some of the guys I play with noticed a new glitch that lets you position yourself at an outside corner, lean back behind the wall of the corner, but still be able to see around the corner to shoot. Enemies can pretty much only see your foot while you are ADSing them. Here are a couple of pictures:

This is what you look like in third person:

This is what you see in first person:

Hello @skillet,

This issue should have been fixed with patch 1.3. Can you check if it still persists?

Here's the full change log: https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/40096/update-1-3-is-live-free-weekend-new-map-game-mode-weapons-and-more/2

Thanks @chaton - I will definitely keep an eye out and let the guys know that it should be fixed. If we see it again, I'll post.