server browser issue

the server browser has become somewhat useful recently, however, there are pending issues:

  • for reasons unknown to me, some custom servers will not show; you can only join them via IP or when entering a specific search string and refreshing repeatedly; that ought to be fixed right away
  • there still is no chance to filter by "about to start" or something similar; I still get to join rounds about to end ...
  • a nice feature for the future would be to get the player list currently on a selected server and the role they are playing as I hate to join a game with a low-rank commander... 😞 no offense meant, but seriously, I would not have dared to take this responsibility early on; it takes profound knowledge of the maps and the mechanics which should be practiced many hours before applying them with other people around ...

Hey @bahzooga :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_smiling_eyes:
Thank you for reporting those issues. I will send them to the team right away.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Some of the issues you mentioned are well-known issues we are working on. Thank you again for the heads up!