Cosmetics preview before buying?

I don't understand why we are forced to preview only one item at a time and zoomed in. We can't even see the cosmetic zoomed out in its context.

It would be better if we could choose multiple items at once, and then pay all at once. Maybe with additional camera controls to zoom in/out and move up/down, and/or preset camera positions by the press of buttons (overall, zoomed in above chest area, zoomed in legs, and so on).

There is a preview though...

@CatNipples no there's not? you can only select one item which will be shown zoomed in. You can't check it zoomed out and you can't check it together with other, not bought, items.

Did you even read past the title friend?

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That's a cool idea, I've wished to preview something more zoomed out myself.

@CapoFantasma97 said in Cosmetics preview before buying?:

Did you even read past the title friend?

Nope, I don't think he did.

Hello all,

Thanks for this feedback! It'll be passed on to the team!