Dual monitor experiment.

First, the screenshots that I'm gonna post, are not mine. I got them from the internet to demonstrate my point.

So I got a second monitor yesterday and set up my American Truck Simulator after a fair amount of tweaking and research. I was super duper exited to try MudRunner and BOOM!! I got (of course) this:

(The black stripes represent the monitor's frame edges.)

As you guys can see, it's unusable, but I really want to take advantage of my second monitor and I can't afford a third one right away.

Do any of you know a way to "offset" the camera so it's centered on one of the monitors and the other one is just for periferal view? like this example below:


probably the same way as ATS (setting a "virtual" 3rd monitor with SoftTH or any other software that can emulate one)

the problem is gonna be the HUD, since it's always in the bottom left and the compass on the top left and you can't adjust its position

@hydrowasul Never heard of this software. Thanks for pointing me on that direction. I'll do a little research and report back! BTW, in ATS i did not use any third party software. I just used a few command lines on the console to duplicate the view in the second monitor and then rotate it to match the angle. doing it this way, avoid the image to be distorted on the corners because of the FOV. Instead, it uses a separated FOV for each monitor.

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