A Plague Tale: Innocence Fan Art Contest

Hello everyone,

We are delighted by the support and love we are receiving every day. We have seen so many beautiful fan creations: videos, fan art, screenshots... And we are extremely thankful to all of our community creators and dedicated fans.
To celebrate the talented creators from our community, we’ve decided to launch a brand new fan art contest with prizes to win.

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How can I participate?

You have until June 29 to publish your fan art on Twitter or Instagram with the #PlagueTaleArt. Winners will be revealed on July 3. All fan arts on A Plague Tale: Innocence are accepted and there is no set theme for this contest.

How will the winners be chosen?

Our Creative Director David Dedeine and our Game Director Kevin Choteau will choose the winners of the contest themselves.

When should I publish my fan art?

You have until June 29 to share your fan art on social medias (Twitter &/or Instagram) with the #PlagueTaleArt. David and Kevin will then take a look at all the fan arts and select the winners. Results will be announced on July 3.

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What are the prizes?

The artist in first position will receive a press kit signed by David Dedeine and a vinyl signed by our composer Olivier Deriviere.
The second winner will also win a presskit while the third one will get a copy of A Plague Tale: Innocence.

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Thanks again to our amazing community!

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Hello, can you tell me which countries are eligible for this contest, please? I'm from Brazil.

Hello @Askvr
You can enter the contest, don't worry!

Regarding the contest, we received a lot of participations and we are really grateful!
Unfortunately, it's getting a bit longer to get through all of them. But we will announce our winners by the end of the week, stay tuned!

Thank you everyone for taking part in our fan art contest! It was hard to select winners as we received many impressive artworks! Congratulations to ...

Jean Da Ros

You can see more of his work on his twitter and his tumblr!
alt text

Camille Alquier

Camille has an Artstation, an Instagram and a Facebook account!
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Check out his Instagram and his twitter!
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Thank you again! Stay tuned for more info and contests! Don't forget that our screenshot contest is still on!

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