American Wilds DLC not in game after being bought windows store

So i have been playing mudrunners on Game Pass for PC, ton of fun, so i decided to buy the american wilds DLC only to find out it doesn't work, i have reinstalled it, reinstalled the whole game. it just will not show up.

I don't know if this is a me issue, but if the DLC is broken for everyone on game pass it should be looked into.

Hopefully it is just me and this can be fixed.

Glad I am not the only on this is happening too. I tried reinstalling it and even resetting it to lose all my data to no avail. This is a great game. I hope it gets fixed soon!! It shows that I installed it but nothing comes up. Not sure if you need to progress further in the game or should it come up automatically. I also downloaded all the free DLC and still do not see the new maps or any of the vehicles.

Any help would be great.

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