VHS Reload Bug and AI Bug on Ministry

I've noticed that when quick-reloading the VHS while using drum mags, the animation displays two drum mags being thrown out of the gun instead of just one. I have also found that while playing co-op on Ministry, the AI will often gather near the underground gates between points D and E, and cannot shoot through them. This makes them sitting ducks for players to kill.

Sorry if these have already been reported.

Yah, there's a lot of weird AI spawning and path-finding bugs on Ministry. I've gone 2 whole objectives before without encountering a single enemy. I assume they're working on this.

I think the VHS issue is a new incarnation of an older animation bug, where the game spawns the world model of the dropped magazine too soon so you see both it and the first person model in the reload animation at the same time.

Hello both,

Thanks for bringing these issues to our attention. I'll pass them on to the team.