June 11th Community Test Environment Patch

Hello everyone!

We are releasing a patch today that addresses your feedback and fixes various issues on the Community Test Environment. If you haven't tried it yet, download the CTE right now and preview all the new content coming in update 1.3. It's in your Steam Library as "Insurgency: Sandstorm Community Test Environment".

New Features

  • Added Coop playlist for new Ministry map. Go to the Play menu and click “Ministry Coop” to play. This playlist includes:
    • Ministry Checkpoint Security
    • Ministry Checkpoint Insurgents
    • Ministry Hardcore Checkpoint Security
    • Ministry Hardcore Checkpoint Insurgents
    • Ministry Frenzy Checkpoint
  • Added Ministry Checkpoint and Ministry Hardcore Checkpoint to Local Play.
  • New Ingame Settings
    • Added a View Distance Quality setting to the settings menu under Video.
    • Added Hierarchical LOD Transition Method option to the Advanced video options menu. This will allow LODs to switch to higher quality when aiming down sights with a magnified optic when set to “Field Of View” potentially at the cost of some performance. This can be disabled by changing this setting to “Fixed Distance”.


  • Nvidia Geforce Experience can now be used again to optimize Insurgency: Sandstorm. This fix was implemented and deployed by Nvidia on Friday the 7th of June.
  • Improved performance in garage of Ministry by optimizing breakable pillars.
  • Reduced server logging.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing vehicles and their turrets to jitter strongly while moving.
  • Added a potential fix for hit detection issues.
  • Added a potential fix for an issue where weapons could continue playing looping audio after the player or bot was killed.
  • Fixed a number of issues with low quality scopes.
  • Fixed an issue where the low quality scope stencil could occasionally be applied to non-scoped weapons.
  • Improved prone deployed crawling when transitioning to prone and also moving.
  • Fixed an issue where magazine upgrades such as Extended Magazines and Drums were not being applied correctly in-game.
  • Fixed an issue where the breakable pillars on Ministry were not factoring in radial damage from explosives such as C-4.
  • Fixed an issue where footsteps were not reliably being generated correctly on inclined surfaces such as terrain and stairs.
  • Fixed an issue preventing first time players progressing to the end of the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where “Community Server Name” would show in the Scoreboard during official matchmaking.
  • Fixed an issue where Security faction Eye Color was not being applied properly to Character heads.
  • Fixed clipping issues with Insurgent Hands Cloth Fingerless gloves item.
  • Fixed crouch leaning direction issue with iron sights.
  • Fixed infinite reload bug in Hardcore Checkpoint.
  • Fixed being able to deploy bipods on weapons and rag dolls.
  • Fixed backpacks not hiding in vehicles.
  • Fixed visual bugs related to the VHS-2 and QBZ-03 for third person and first person.
  • Fixed floating elements on the VHS-2 and QBZ-03 in the Loadout menu.
  • Fixed ready animations for the QBZ-03.
  • Fixed various Security cosmetic issues:
    • Fixed Patrol headgear and Combat Glasses eyewear clipping with each other.
    • Fixed clipping with Balaclava Open and Balaclava Closed headgear.
    • Fixed Covered hair option clipping with Headband headgear.
    • Fixed the Boonie Hat camo orientation to be horizontal.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Weapons
    • Reduced LMGs standing and crouching recoil by 10%.
    • Reduced L106A1 and L85A2 supply cost by 1.
    • Removed Laser Sight weapon upgrades from Versus Marksman and Competitive Sharpshooter classes. This was felt to be a CQB attachment that was inappropriate for the class’s role in being a long range shooter, especially given the new anti-materiel rifles. This attachment remains available in Coop modes.
    • Doubled Gunship and Support Helicopter body health. This will not affect rotor health or other areas of the helicopters.
    • The VHS-2 can now scavenge M4/M16 style magazines.
    • Added VHS-2 and QBZ-03 to Team Deathmatch and the Range.
    • Added the 1x MRO optic to Team Deathmatch.

Fire Support

  • Explosive Drones now spawn above the target on which they were called in and fly down, preventing them from getting caught on buildings as they path towards their designated target.
  • Hardcore Checkpoint
    • Added more Primary ammo for players who respawn.
    • Increased speed of the 1P Hardcore sprinting animations by 20% to make it look more natural. This does not affect player speed, just the speed at which the animation loops.
  • Frenzy Checkpoint
    • Enemies will now throw explosives if a player is out of reach to attack in melee.
    • Added ability for AI to drop down ledges and vault over obstructions when their target is unreachable. This will also affect other game modes.
    • Light Armor and Heavy Armor will now protect against melee damage. This will also affect other game modes.
      Increased frequency of special enemies, which includes the Flamer (the on fire one), Jumper (the teleporting one), and Bruiser (the big one with the tasteful shirt) enemies.
    • Slowed down Bruisers slightly.
    • Rebalanced normal enemy and special enemy counts during counter-attacks.
    • Added loading screen game mode description.
    • Counter-attacks now only include Smoke Mortars and Chemical Mortars.
    • Fixed an issue with Jumper where they would not move to attack players who were too far away.
    • Tweaked Bruiser health points. Bruisers now take more damage in their exposed flesh, such as arms and legs. They will still take damage in their torso armor and helmet, but it will be reduced damage. These areas will also spark to indicate the reduced damage.
    • Bruisers will no longer freeze on top of grenades. Previously, they were trying to pick them up to throw back, but were so tall they couldn’t reach the ground. We thought this was hilarious so we wanted to make sure you knew too.
    • Fixed Flamers not always appearing on fire.
    • Fixed Jumpers not always glowing.


  • Outskirts
    • Improved a pillar collision box on Firefight West Objective B area so that throwables can be reliably thrown around a corner and not impact with an invisible wall.
    • Blocked west window in final weapon cache room on Push Insurgents to prevent destruction by rocket.
    • Removed lower northwest room from capture zone on Objective C on Push Insurgents.
    • Doors are now closed on ambulance at Objective A on Push Insurgents.
    • Doubled up a shipping container at Push Security Objective A to mitigate Insurgents camping outside the southwest corner of the objective in the building. There is no line of sight from here to the northeast entrance to the objective any longer.
    • Moved Insurgent Objective D supply crate from bad location on Push Security.
    • Fixed a missing Restricted Area for Insurgent spawn on Push Security Objective C.
    • Smoothed out player movement in various areas.
    • Fixed floating Supply Crate on Push Security Objective D spawn.
    • Fixed not able to capture Objective D while aiming in a specific direction on Security Checkpoint.
    • Fixed Insurgent A spawn partially not restricted on Push Insurgents.
    • Various other fixes.
  • Ministry
    • Various visual detailing improvements and performance optimizations.
    • Gave the plants in the lobby area a nice trim to make it more difficult for players to hide inside them on Firefight Objective B.
    • Added additional lights in the lobby area to eliminate some dark corners.
    • Fixed various spots throughout the map where players could get stuck.
  • Crossing
    • Improved AI navigation.
    • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck inside a barrel near Objective C on Push Security.
    • Fixed a small window blocking grenades at Objective C on Firefight West.
  • Summit
    • Reduced playable area for Firefight East to funnel players more towards the objectives.
    • Fixed an issue where players could get outside the level at the far end of the market area.
  • Refinery
    • Made several gameplay adjustments across the whole map to improve readability and make it more clear where players are shot from.
    • Unmerged numerous merged actors to take more advantage of automated instancing to improve performance.
    • Created HLOD clusters to improve performance.

Known Issues

  • Nvidia has disabled the SLI profile for Insurgency: Sandstorm temporarily until they further investigate an issue with Unreal Engine 4.22.
  • Game audio randomly cutting out. If you are experiencing this issue, please help our team by providing feedback in this thread.
  • Bullets sometimes not impacting with players. We have submitted a fix which should resolve any issues with this, however if this still occurs please let us know on the forums.
  • Beta tattoos not showing properly in the Appearance menu.
  • Weapons may occasionally continue looping audio for some players after an AI or player has been killed. We have submitted a potential fix for this, however if this still occurs please let us know in this thread.
  • Class presets, keybindings and cosmetics may not be saving correctly on exit for some players.
  • Community XP gain enabled servers are not showing XP/Stats/Unlocks in the end round screen despite submitting the stats correctly as intended.

meh, i do not see any fixes for any of the game breaking bugs

Why CTE still playable? Is there some feature which should be tested?

Hello both,

If you're looking for the change log of yesterday's patch, it's here: https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/40803/july-11th-patch