Suspicious phenomenon about reloading with mosin nagant

I was playing Hardcore checkpoint mode.

As you know we reinforce only mosin nagant with few ammo the mode.

I tried to get extra ammo from ammo box which spawned in the area.

I can get extra ammo from the box (+ 10 ammo) however I can not reload greater than initial ammo .

For example, there is 10 ammo (5 in the weapon, 5 in the bag) and getting from the box (+ 10 ammo).
I tried to reload when 1 ammo in the weapon 10 in the bag.
But there is only reloading motion, ammo in the weapon is not increasing.

Is it expected behavior? or something bug?

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Hello @Gyuuto,

Can you try the latest patch of CTE and see if this issue still persists?

Hi, @chaton.

I tried to do that in CTE and latest environment.

In CTE, I didn't find that problem however in latest environment I can not reload as same as the post.

I think this issue has been solved in CTE's patches, thank you.

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Thank you for the confirmation!