Keep Coop and PVP Updates Separate

This game has a massive split. Coop players and PVP players. Each side is calling for drastically different changes that would effect the opposing side. Like literally, almost every post is regarding coop and making changes to coop, and changing this and that. It floods the forums and makes it seem like the vast majority of players want certain things, but those certain things are regarding coop. When the game updates and adds those changes that the coop community wanted, it SCREWS up pvp players up!
Please update coop and pvp separately, and also maybe add a separate ranking system and separate player stats.
I mean, the two shouldn't even be combined in the first place!



Why is it even an option to combined these? They should be completely separate from the start.
And I'll tell ya another thing. I played some coop when I first started playing, then stopped(only played pvp). Throughout playing pvp, I was keeping track of my stats, but not realizing that I had to filter them out with the game type option. This had me thinking I was doing better than I was and was giving me inaccurate readings.

Another problem with them being combined, is when viewing post match results, those results have both coop and pvp which means it's ALSO WRONG!

This is like CoD taking the campaign stats and merging them with your PVP stats. IT MAKES NO SENSE.

Please fix 🙂

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Hey @CatNipples,

Thanks for this suggestion. I'll pass it on to NWI to see their opinions.

@CatNipples Hey thought I would bump I couldn’t agree with you more and have felt this way since day one as a pvp only player (literally have not touched coop). I find myself getting in a lot of arguments with people here and realizing several posts later that I am arguing with a coop person and I just simply could not care less what they do to coop but they definitely need to keep the two separate in alllll aspects...