State of multiplayer and the lack of a community driving players away.

Now I first want to say that I love the game in both sp and mp and feel some real hard work has gone into the game which makes me sad that mp, in particular, has been left to die despite some great unit additions and balancing (whilst not always perfect I feel it has been making progress step by step.
There is one main area that is lacking and that's community features which is crazy as any game without a community no matter how good will collapse, the main ways to keep one interested in mp is to have balance patches and new units which the devs have done however most important is a sense of competition and a connection with streamers and other content makers which could easily be done with a replay feature something I have posted time and time again since beta as tournaments could be conducted and be cast which in turn helps create a better view of balance in the game and get people excited to try new things.
even though they ran a tournament and have competitive seasons honestly who cares i am not trying to be harsh as I would love this kinda thing normally but without being able to see people compete in a structured tournament there is no reason to be exited. I would point out Creative assembly total Warhammer series whilst its made some mistakes the game has allowed a large following of YouTubers to support the game and has even used these casters to host their own tournaments which has been a significant portion of the game's success. even old games like dawn of war 2 and supreme commander have a following due to this.Whilst i don't think gothic will have as mainstream appeal it had a chance there where many content creators following the game at launch and a few months after launch and again good views but the lack of replay and the other mentioned features have meant all but a few have moved on due to the difficulty involved and as such many players have done the same.
As I said this is sad as all I can expect is that the player base keeps declining, I am already finding it hard to get 1v1's most of the time and I have not been able to play 2v2's for well over a month due to the times involved in finding matches as such I have pretty much lost the drive to play mp.
such a shame to see so much promise and such a good game fade like this but when you can't put these basic features that have been in games as a standard for well over a decade its to be expected. Dont think i will bother posting something like this again whilst it normally gets decent views, comments and likes I have not seen the team comment since my first one back in beta which was "we will pass it on"

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Yeah i fully support this post. I think a good idea. Would be to make the next patches focus around Community building.


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When these things are added id suggest that the devs go on a steam sale and im sure alot of people are gonna at least give it a try. A lot of Popular 40k casters have already stated that they would be very interested in streaming or making videos of multiplayer if it were easier to make them. Cause BFGA 2 has it in the guts for entertaining Replays and alot of 40k fans just tear into these videos like a fat girl devouring pork rines.

This game has alot of potential. It is vastly superior than the OG in a quite a few ways... A few smart moves will go a very long way. So devs please at least consider these suggestions.

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@Sn1percat MP never had a chance in a game like this to start out with... it was over the moment they balanced around capture points whilst having a static forces type game play. As for more balance patches and the like, hasnt SP sacrificed enough for this fool's errand? I mean look at the first comparatively we lost everything that made those fleets feel like our own simply to make balance easier for MP and its not even 6 months out and your having these problems. I vote we let MP die and they spend their time actually making SP what it always should have been.

@imptastic id disagree that the game mode is the cause for bfga 2 not doing well. It made the game more dynamic and even helped balance some factions. Bfga 1 problem was that its costumisation didnt apply well to MP. And one could argue that the Perks and ability had alot of redundant upgrades as well and people were gonna pick the mandatory stuff anyway.

The current. System strikes a better balance. Granted. Quite alot of perks need to be revisited and become more meaningful or need reworking. Your fleet comp determines how you will play where in BFGA 1 you just spammed all the same perks and abilities on all your ships with a few ships geared differently to counter eldar faction or the one yer fleet struggled with and MP meta was all about them cookie cutter fleets.

Letting MP die is just simply dumb and vice versa for single player.

IMO. I think you are putting to much stock in the first BFGA Perk and ability consistent fleet system and were fabled by all the "options" when really it was half baked to begin with and you were going to just grab the meta ones anyway even if you were playing single player.

Bfga 2 doesnt beat around the bush and just let perks have fleet wide effects which would be the exact same case in BFGA 1 when you go cookie cutter and bolt belt armor and AP etc etc on every ship.

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@CANNED_F3TUS The reason this system doenst work for MP is because you can literally loose as soon as you match up. Since you cant build counters on the fly a system like this will never be "good" it will always devolve into a few usable fleets the make the game very stale from an MP perspective. Capture points can be a good competitive system just not in a situation like this and every balancing decision every customization feature there after suffers from that initial decision. The first game you could use any part of the customization you wanted to because at the end of the day it was really just an SP game im not talking MP at all because frankly in the first game it was more or less just a bonus option that a serious play mode as it should have been in this game due to the fact that static forces RTS gameplay will always run into the problem your seeing now. The only way i could see them making this somewhat more playable is if you each picked a ship whilst seeing each other pick and even then this would be mundane. i suppose you could also homogenize every race to the point where its just the same ships with different skins but who would want to play that. Instead of wasting this effort on trying to fix the unfixable why not just make SP the best it could possibly be, and you cant really say that from a fleet construction/customization stand point this SP is superior to the first in any way, you could certainly argue the grand campaign format is better and not being so spam heavy is nice but anything beyond that the first was just better.

We hear you @Sn1percat!

For our next update and Expansion, the focus is on improving the single-player experience overall, with changes that will apply to all the previous campaigns as well.

I completely understand the request for these community features, and I can assure you the team is aware of them.

You might be pleased to know that we are going to hold a (very) small tournament with community casters that should be a ton of fun! 🙂 We will share more info on this soon.

@Jellyfoosh thanks for the info I appreciate the feedback, great start but will need a replay feature to keep interested between these tornes but if you are having that does make me think a replay feature might come with the event but I can only speculate.

So is some kind or replay or observator mode being introduced? how (technically) is the tournament going to be casted?