Appreciate the content announcment But balance patch is over due.

As title says. The news is good and im thankful for it. But we need some things addressed asap like nid pyro fleets. Ordnance, trap perks, unviable ships etc etc. There has been absolutely no reason for me to play your game cause of how the meta is looking and how limited the gameplay is.

buff corsair beacuse they are last in ladder. they also auto 100% lose to eldars and tau

Yup, Pyro niads are the result of a bug getting fixed (before this patch Niad Pyro Fires would often not trigger).
Now with it fixed they are absolutely terrifying and dominate ranked.
An IMP BB with it's shields down for 20 seconds turns into this:
alt text
Each fire dealing 90 damage + 180 Morale....

Stats for the main prow mounted Pyros:
(Base %crit + with lock on + with pyro upgrade)

Light Pyro Acid Artillary: 3.5% to 7% to 10.5% 1.05 Fires/Min
Heavy Pyro Acid Artillary: 10.5% to 21% to 31% 3.1 Fires/Min
Super Heavy Pyro Acid Artillary: 14% to 28% to 42% 4.2 Fires/Min

When you have a few BB's mounting 2 Super Heavies per it gets ridiculous pretty quickly.
One of the main issues is the crit multiplier, 28% with lock on is fine but when it also gets +50% of that added on top by the pyro upgrade to 42%.......

What in particular re: Ordnance?
It likely will be receiving changes

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Hope they buff chaos lances. They deal next to no damage. It would be nice to be able to destroy something during the campaign.

Hey everone!

Our update coming out on the same day as the Chaos Expansion (June 24) will have balance changes. The full patch log will be available then.

Have a good one!