I had a chance to play the latest CTE build, and while the new Arcade mode didn't resonate with me, I'm once again feeling optimistic about this game having played a few rounds of Ministry.

Why? Because if the developers get most or all the INS2014 maps in the game, then at that point there's little reason to stay in the old game when you can play those maps in a better more updated engine. It is undoubtedly fun to play those old maps under new conditions, with new weapons, new abilities, and new mechanics.

For those of you who are unsure about the direction NWI is heading in with the Arcade and Hardcore modes, think of it this was - What if you could have an upgraded version of INS2014 with roughly all the same content, but a lot more of it, and in addition you have several ultra-slow and fast game modes to jump around to? Would this make Sandstorm overall a more full-spectrum game? The gritty element is still there in the main gameplay, and if you want a challenge you go Hardcore, or if you want to blow off steam or practice with the weapons, you play arcade. Overall, NWI listening to player feedback and designing the game to be fun for everyone is a good thing.