Suggestions regarding the classes and their available weapons

As the upcoming Ministry update is going to add in 2 weapons that are quite exotic for the game's setting (Chinese QBZ-03 and Croatian VHS-2), I thought to myself that the loadouts of particular classes could use a change

I know that this isn't exactly related to the gameplay itself, but seeing that the Advisor class is a thing and NWI wants to keep it the way it is (having a class that is an outsider and brings in weapons not often seen used in the middle east warzones), I figured that this could have almost as much importance. My suggestion is to swap around some weapons that are shared between the Common classes (Commander, Observer, Rifleman and Demolitions) with the ones that are available for the Advisor. The examples are as follows:

Security Common classes get MK18 CQBR / MK17 MOD 0 / L85A2 in place of the VHS-2, while Advisor - vice versa
Insurgent Common classes get AKS-74U / SKS / Alpha AK in place of the QBZ-03, while Advisor - again vice versa

This might be considered a nitpick but I feel like it's been bugging me for a while now, and I'd love to see more weapons that are added in stay true to their setting, along with the concept for the Advisor class feeling different from the rest

Apart from that, if any of the devs or community managers are reading this - You're doing great work and the game keeps getting better and better with each update. Hoping to see it stay that way

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The paradigm that NWI seems to be going with is that the Rifleman class represents standard infantry, either from local or outside governments, while the Advisor class represents outside national special forces soldiers.

Within this paradigm, all Rifleman weapons are standard issued service rifles, while the Advisor has weapons that are commonly used by American and Russian special forces. Both the QBZ 03 and VHS-2 are national service rifles, so they belong in the Rifleman class.

The one weird outlier is the L85, which is an Advisor weapn but a national service rifle. I guess in the game's meta storyline the UK only ever sent advisors?

Actually, while seemingly exotic, the VHS 2 is a part of the Iraqi armoury; while somewhat new and therefore not as well heard of, the gun is very much standard issue within Middle Eastern security forces that can afford it and apparently quite well liked.

The QBZ 03 is a Norinco export (like most of the newer guns and ammunition in the hands of insurgent groups in the middle east) and therefore not an unexpected sight within the context of the game. The guns are relatively cheap and sold to anyone who'll buy, and this wont be their first appearance in the hands of insurgent forces.

Weapons like the SCAR H or the L85 on the other hand are indeed quite rare and not commonly seen within the middle east. The SCAR H is just exorbitantly expensive for general issue and the L85 is just plain not used (in spite of being a solid weapon).

Likewise, the Alpha AK is actually an exotic and pretty uncommon weapon. The MK18 is a specialist modification for the M4 that I dont think actually sees much use outside very specialised roles.