What's the point of being a Marksman on Hardcore Co-op

Every time I'm sniping in Hardcore Co-op, whether prone, on a roof or in a snipers nest, hundreds of metres away from the nearest enemy, some insurg with an AK/Uzi or Fal, immediately locks onto my position when they come around a corner or spawn. This even happens when I haven't even fired a shot, yet the bots just know my exact location, and immediately pin me down, and once suppressed, I can't support my team with sniper cover. The aimbot needs to be recoded because it's destroying this game. The point of Insurg Sandstorm is to be a realistic FPS, yet I'm having to quickscope like i'm in COD because I can't poke my head out of my snipers nest due to overpowered bot targeting. Please rebalance this. Too many classes are rendered useless with the recent Hardcore update.

EDIT: @kanneltaja72 Mentioned this happened on normal Co-op also, so it's a global issue.

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The bots need fixing in every way.

@AncientHoplite Agreed, with one reservation. This happens not only in HC. I usually snipe with a suppressed PKM/M249 and go entrenched on a relatively remote place, to support my team, yet w/o firing a shot, due to some magic, a lot of the bots clearing the corner know exactly where my head is positioned, provided they are entering my view perpendicular to me. I'm not favoured by being covered with thick vegetation either, they usually see right through it. At least the viewcone was supposed to be remedied long ago, but experience tells another story many times yet.

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@AncientHoplite I'd normally break your post down and make comments on each part, but as a frequent Marksman (hence the name), I really only have one thing to add:

This is exactly how I feel trying to play as a sniper. I tell people time and time again that my role is actually the most difficult one to play, as I have to spend more time aiming shots while the bots still kill me in 2-3 seconds of sustained fire.

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