CTE Bugs

Hey so, first of all, nice update, a gay time has been had.
Here's a few glitches I've noticed, the first being that not a single gun can actually equip a drum or extended magazine in game, even though you can select it in the loadout, which is annoying as hell in Frenzy. Also the grenade launcher on the VHS looks like this c5c087b2-2e52-4937-bfdd-05739f4beb95-image.png but it's fine in game. You also can't select tracer rounds for the QZB or VHS.
And although I really like Frenzy, I think it's a bit lame that you are basically required to use a heavy carrier as well as the biggest magazine you can select, since there are no weapons or ammo boxes to pick up aside from capturing a point (or at least I found no ammo boxes in Frenzy, but I noticed them in Coop). That being said, I only played Frenzy for an hour so far, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. Also, please fix the invisible molotov bug before you release it, I've encountered about 10 or so in an hour and it's annoying as hell. Also a jumper teleported right in my face, with no visual or sound effects (low settings, texture quality and post-processing on medium), and knifed me. Playing Frenzy also obliterates my FPS when there are too many players or bots on screen, or when there is too much shooting going on.
Anyway I really like the update, keep it up.


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Yeah so here's another one, this time it's in the right category. The muzzle of a gun sometimes floats at a players feet (only in 3rd person). Here's footage of it. Although I'm not a dev, my guess is that this bug is related to the compensator attachment, I guess they don't work properly for the new guns yet.

c029fbbd-35e8-475b-b01e-2e56b07ab24f-image.png image url)

Hello @ham-cucumber,

Thank you for sharing these with us. I'll forward them to the team!