Loving the new gear, I'm very happy to see some modern non-Soviet equipment find its way to the Insurgent side. I've got a few observations:

  • Is the QBZ-03 supposed to be the Chinese variant or the export variant? It's listed as chambered for 5.56mm NATO and appears to use NATO magazines like the export variant, but lacks the export's 3-round burst feature. I'd personally much rather see the Chinese version in 5.8x42mm because then it wouldn't be just another 5.56mm carbine. But, even adding the burst feature would help set it apart from the AR family.

  • Is it planned to implement the MARS sight's built-in laser? I can see this certainly being an issue for balance and cost, but I'm curious why MARS would be chosen if it's just implemented as another bulky red dot?

  • The Trijicon MRO is awesome. I only wish we could get a less bulky mount option for it on the MP5.

  • Neither of the new weapons are equipable in the training range.

  • The VHS speed reload animation has an empty magazine spawning issue where it looks like you remove two magazines from the rifle when you reload.

A few things I'm guessing you know about already:

  • Both new rifles have all sorts of misaligned bits in the loadout selection screen. Magazine, mag follower, bolt carriers, and fire selectors are all over the place.

  • The QBZ-03 spawn-in loading animation is wrong, looks like the loading animation for the FAL which I'm guessing is just a place holder until a new one gets made which makes this a non-issue.

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