Vote Kick Abuse

There is already player kicking in place for team-killing and idle/afk players. The new vote kick option is being abused by certain players as a joke and it's getting worse as more people realise they can use it.

Sometimes I don't actually know if the kicking is for a valid reason, but today it happened twice in a match where myself and another player, both on top of the scoreboard with capturing objectives and kills, went through to the second-last objective of a hardcore co-op whereupon obnoxiously loud mic spammers decided it would be funny to vote kick the two of us for no reason. The reason given for the vote kick was idle/afk which didn't make sense in either of our cases and lost both of us an almost an hours worth of exp.

This is democracy.

Maybe, to mitigate the votekick abuse problem I think there should be some reasons selected when votekicking
e.g. when you votekick someone then there needs to be a reason selected by the voter and the game should check it.

if people want to kick the player for being AFK: game should check whether the player was stationary for enough time (let the developers pick for how long he shouldn't be stationary, they know when it's too much)

if voter wants to kick you for killing other players the game should check if the person being kicked really killed people.
It happens, but if a team of pros don't want to play with a junior that keeps killing teammates, they should be free to kick him. the game should not do that automatically, because maybe they want to keep him (maybe they just train him?).

I didn't really encounter other reasons I would love to kick someone for but feel free to include them.
JUST votekicking without giving reason and fact-checking will be abused.

After a certain shots, they only kill themselves. But votekicking must be if the person was spamming with mic sounds or chats. But muting is an option. So the use of vote kick should be limited.