Like a lot of you, I have FPS issues in sandstorm, so one of the things I tried is editing the .ini files, as you do. One thing I didn't find, ragdoll stay time. The only option we have regarding the ragdolls is their limit and we are able to set it to Low, Medium or High. When a player dies, the ragdoll takes forever to go away, weapons despawn faster than a body. Of course the ragdoll limit option removes the old ragdolls when the number of allowed ragdolls is exceeded (whatever numbers Low, Medium and High correspond to), but existing ones don't seem to disappear until new ones are created, they just stay there and take up resources. I think it would be nice if we had more Ragdoll options and options about temporary items that generate on the map during a game, like bullet holes. For the ragdolls I think options such as Staytime and quality should be included. Staytime and count could have sliders with a range values so you can really tweak it and not just have a limited amount of options. Quality could be either low or high, low being with poor physics and no post-mortem movements like the ones we got recently, medium with poor physics but animations and so forth. That way you could either have no more than 5 ragdolls with 15 seconds of staytime with low quality for more performance, or you could have 25 ragdolls with 3 minutes of staytime for maximum immersion, according to preference of course. And I think bullet holes could use something of a similar nature as well, count and staytime at least. If you guys decide to put something like this in the game it could help the performance tremendously, since bullet holes, physics and piling up ragdolls do have an effect on the CPU and I think it would also help for consoles, as well as not needing an i7 to play the game. @Mikee, tagged you because you said so 🙂 .

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