Issues with leaning

Hey there,

New update is awesome so far.

I just got into a visual issue yesterday on Crossing Push Security first objective. As I was spectating my teammates, one of them was crouching and covering that little tunnel from its entrance near A on the right side of the tunnel. He was crouching on its right side and leaning to the left. However, when I switched to 3rd person spectator mode, the character was leaning to the right. You can guess, he was pretty much invisible for incoming enemies, but he had a clear shot. Not sure what it is, never popped into a visual bug like this before.

Wanted to attach screenshots for visual proof, but the round was over and I couldn't take the 3rd person one, only the 1st person one...

Hey @profail
That's an interesting one, thanks for letting us know. We'll take a look and sort it out!
Have a good one!