Hardcore checkpoint limited supply suggestions

Even though I'm replying to my own post, I thought this topic warranted a new thread. Would love to hear other peoples suggestions too about how to improve on the idea of limited supply for hardcore checkpoint.

@JLX said in Hardcore Checkpoint Impressions:

  • The idea of limited supply is good. BUT... It's a bit TOO limited IMHO. I like the idea of taking what you need for the mission and making it last. But, if you die, it's a bit of a bummer to get stuck with a kit you don't like for the balance of the match. I'm not sure what a good solution is yet but I'll give it some thought.

MY SUGGESTION: Spawn the player with their original pistol choice (with 3 clips) instead of the Makarov and NO primary weapon at all.

Why do I think this suggestion is worth considering?

  • It would make your pistol choice more meaningful. The pistol is your BACKUP weapon. Well, let it be your backup. This would also mean that putting points into your pistol selection is more important as you may actually need to rely on it! More meaningful choices is a good thing.

  • Surviving with your chosen pistol until you can scavenge a better primary could be fun! Surviving with a Makarov on a single clip? Less fun...

  • Achieves the idea of limited supply without completely invalidating the players weapon preferences. We each have our favourites. Having your entire kit ditched when you die and being forced to play with random weapons isn't always fun. Keeping your chosen pistol but having to "make do" with the rest seems like a good compromise.

Anybody else have thoughts on how this aspect of the game might be improved?

I still think it should be spawn with M4 or AKM and one mag. That way you've got a good chance of picking up ammo, you've only got one magazine to make it to supply, and there is a realistic way to overcome the challenge.

I like the idea of restricted supply, especially for respawns, but combining the lack of ammo crates and the weird choice of a Mosin as the default spawn kit, means I'm avoiding Hardcore mode entirely for now.

Well colour me tickled! We get to keep our pistol now I see!!! My pistol choice matters and I actually use it - AWESOME! Very pleased with this 🙂

The M14 for security is also more appropriate. I haven't tried insurgents yet but presume it's still the Mosin which is fine.

Really hooked on hardcore checkpoint now. It's all I play.

The movement speed also feels perfect to me. When I switch back to normal checkpoint, it feels almost silly running around that fast.

Great job NWI! Happy camper here 🙂