Servers cannot be Viewed

I am an ADMIN on several custom servers, so I know they are up, but I cannot see them. Even when added to favorites. I have to refresh over and over and over, etc..., to get them to show. I spent 15 mins yesterday refreshing to finally pull up a newly added server, that friends were already playing on. When I refresh the server list I get huge ranges in the amount of servers I find, 30-120. Even with 120 found, I have never seen all 6 servers I have on favorites. For those that don't have the IP's this can be a terrible experience. I have friends that never have this issue, where I have it every time.

Ryzen 2700
RX 580 8G
100% SSD
16 GB ram 3000
Win10 -up to date

I’ve had the same issue and so have a few of my friends can the devs look into this it’s really annoying

We also have players who report this issue.

i have 5 servers up and we get same issue have to refreash for 10 - 15 mins before they show up can this b fixed

yeah server browser is still a mess i should make another one if i was the devs. its uggly it works bad and its slow

I absolutely do not understand why they would not simply take the Valve server browser; that one works ...

Hello everyone!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll forward this thread to the devs, so they can look into this issue!