bugfix releases should be more often (commit small, commit often)

Please change your release cycle to release every bugfix you have ready the moment it is available.

Not only the community will SEE there's work being done, but also every small fix puts you forward in less people being annoyed with the game quicker.

I'd really like to see new smaller patches more often and only create public posts on Twitter/other media when you have fixed some SERIOUS bug or implemented new content /feature. Less PR and more actual updates, please.

bugfixes should be pushed separately from content releases. What you are currently doing may FEEL like a big achievement and finishing some milestone, but I seriously doubt it is what community expects.

If you're unsure if the smaller patch fails horribly, just push it to CTE first, we won't blame you if CTE suddenly stops working for some time.

Hope more people will back me up on this and confirm this is what community expects from you guys. I seriously think there are PR specialists pulling the strings at NWI right now instead of reasonable technical people.

YES! Quality over content amount. We don't care about new content if it's not QUALITY CONTENT.

Agreed. At least for me game bug makes me frustrated and stop play the game for a while.

+1 for less pr and more bugfixing, also spend more time finding the bugs like the audio cutout glitch, reach out to individuals who you know have thses bugs they would be happy to help

simply saying you unable to reproduce them is not good enough... they are major bugs rolling over into each patch.