Bot Voices are incorrect

Since the latest patch the bot voices have flipped. If I'm playing insurgent the bot voices are insurgent - my character's voice is security. If I'm playing Security the bot voices are security - my character's voice is insurgent. It's very confusing. This happens on hardcore and normal modes.

Hey @TokaiTele
That's very odd, thanks for reporting it! I've passed it on to the team.

Please record a video of it happening. Also do mention whether this is happening on official Matchmaking servers or on custom community ones.

It is very odd. I did attempt a recording but it didn't work!

Funnily enough if I intimidate, some of the 'security' bots would respond in their proper voices, others in insurgent voices!

This is on community servers. My server to be precise. No changes in the config.

Here is video proof that I'm not mad!!!

Youtube Video

Could you please describe what you think is wrong in any particular moment in the video ?

First portion you are looking at a bot, then you went into cover, intimidated and different bot responded closer to you on the right side.

Second portion is you playing as Insurgents against Security so no issues there, the portion where you shake your gun had clearly American male voice of a Security bot.

Third portion shows nothing wrong.

Bear in mind that both sides do have Arabic male voices which may sound similar.

The first clip shows the security bots responding in an arabic - ' You want to talk, let's talk' and american accent. If this is intended then that's ok, but I find that confusing.

In the second clip the initial bot voices are of an arabic accent @0:24 'I'm waiting for you' for instance, then at the end there is one bot that uses the american voice. Is this intentional?

The third clip shows me playing as security but my voice is arabic.

I've never noticed the mix of arabic and american accents before - except the female security bot. That's why I've posted this - I have over 600 hours in the game. Like I say, for me this is confusing, especially in hardcore.

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