And these are all suggestions cause i just want to help 🙂

I feel like, if this game is really going to blow up, and be 100% enjoyable, you gotta work on your weapons.

Everything should be perfect, take a couple pages from Escape From Tarkov’s book. For instance, mag checks should have an animation, where you take the mag out of your gun instead of just patting your pockets. You cant check a mag that is in your gun by patting your pockets, maybe these should be seperate? One for in-gun mag check, and one for checking the mags left in your vest.

Also, chamber checks should be a thing, and maybe there should be chances of weapon jams when playing in dusy areas?

And a thing i noticed that annoys me personally, is how there are still bullets left in the mag when realoading a supposedly «empty» M24. Things like that should get fixed right? 🙂

Hey @RiceRiceBaby
Your suggestions have been taken into account and will be sent to the dev team directly.
Have a great one 🙂

@RiceRiceBaby @Raibi Can we please concentrate on important things, with the release of the last update the game has become a half baked mess, especially with Hardcore Co-op. There are way too many bugs to be fixed, animations that are part of quality of life should not be the priority, that isn't why people have stopped playing the game.

And you suggestion about weapon jams are sort of silly. When fighting in the middle east, everywhere is a sandy and dusty area, that's why so many guns have issues during the early wars in that region. Creating a problem in this game, where there is no solution, will just annoy players and create more complaints and problems down the line. Which the devs will have to address, creating more and more issues in the future. It isn't worth it.