Alpha ak wrong caliber

I noticed that the alpha ak uses ak 74 magazines but the stats chamber it as a 7.62x39 rifle. I wish when I am playing coop that when I run out of ammo on the alpha ak, I can pick up magazines from the ak 74s, it'd only make sense. If not can they at least change the magazine to a more curved bakelite? This has been something that has really broken my immersion and it makes me stray away from using the alpha ak in coop because it's hard to find ammo for it when it's literally right there.

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@Resolama1 Wait, what? This doesn't seem to make any sense, but you now have my attention.

I'll have to take a look at this one.

It's the small things that matter ;;;)

@Resolama1 Hmm, I was looking at this a bit and something definitely seems off. It's actually just a 5.45x39 mag lol.

Yah, been like that since the Alpha AK was introduced. It's weird. I assume they didn't want another 5.45mm rifle that would be very similar to the AK74.

I'd be happy if they just changed the magazine model. There are plastic 7.62x39mm mags they could use that aren't identical to the 5.45mm mags.

I noticed this too! The Alpha AK's caliber or magazine model should be changed.

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