[Insurgency2, Critical Bug] All the official Singaporean PVP servers in Insurgency2 are broken.

Hello, this is a repost from the Insurgency Subreddit, but I needed to get this message out here.

For some reason, most official Singaporean PVP servers are literally unplayable now. They let you join in, but after you set up your loadout, your game immediately freezes and becomes unresponsive. These servers are now essentially dead and people from South East Asia have to either play on European or West American servers. Maybe a server restart would help?

These are all Singaporean NWI Official servers, and they're all affected.

IP of one of the affected servers.

After you select your loadout, the game leads you to this. A black screen, and the game freezes.

Please for the love of god do something about this, NWI. These servers are now essentially dead and there is nothing the community can do about it. People from East Asia and SEA are now essentially forced to play on European or West American servers with 200+ ms ping.

Apparently, this also appears to be happening to NWI Official servers from every location, as I've seen other people report on the INS/DOI Modding Community server report that they have been seeing the same issues. This is a literal gamebreaking bug and could very well spell the slow demise of the Insurgency2 community as a whole.

Hello, thanks for your report, we passed this on to the dev team.

Hello, it's been 3 days since this issue was posted and nothing has changed. Are the devs still aware of this issue? Why has nothing been done to rectify it? The servers are still unplayable.

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