The game is overall great IMO, but I've spotted a few inconsistencies.

First of all, why does the Security have access to the Tariq, yet the Insurgents don't? They have the M9, and I think it should be the other way around.
Secondly, why not give the Insurgents the C79 scope instead of the ACOG. From what I've gathered, the ELCAN is the lowest tier of 4x scopes, so it would be fitting that the Insurgents get hand-me-downs.

On a side note, some Russian-made 4x scopes would be neat as well. I know we have the PSO-1, but it's only available for the SVD. Why not add the PO 4x24 back, or add a 1p78 or 1p29? Anything not western-made and usable on non-DMR weapons would be cool honestly.