A Plague Tale: Innocence - Patch 01.03 released on PC

Hello everyone,

We just released a new patch on PC today! You can expect several fixes aiming to improve performance and getting rid of the last remaining bugs. The update should arrive on consoles next week.

  • Various bug fixes and improvements
  • Added an option in the menu to modify the chromatic aberration.
  • Improved performance on Windows 7
  • Added support of the Korean language
  • Fixed the graphic issue where eyelashes are floating above eyes in cutscenes with some configuration

If you are still encountering difficulties with any of these points, please feel free to reach out to us!

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I am a player of PS4 in Hong Kong. Recently, I have bought a plague tale, but it really made me disappointed as there are quite a number of bugs. I even could complete the simple task of upgrading my sling in the old lady's house in Chapter 2. The game instructed me to "hold X to repair the sling", but unfortunately the function of button X is "back". How could I hold X while X would get me exited the scene of tool upgrading?

What can I do? Thanks....

Is there a HDR patch in the works for pc?

Can't buy it without hdr.


PC users are asking for High Dynamic Range. I was under the impression HDR was active in the game ? (Running 3090TI/ Sony A90J 83 inch panel)