Extreme Vote-kick Harassment

Vote-kicking has become the tool that all toxic players are using to be toxic...

I have been vote-kicked from five matches so far, and for doing nothing but playing the objective.
I was skeptical about the decision to add the vote-kick option, and I now realize that it is not a good function. Serious observations about how this tool is implemented into the game and/or removed very soon.

I don't know why but, around the last update, extremely toxic players have been in every match I have played. I don't know what is going on here but I can handle annoying players... I can't handle vote-kickers, because I can do nothing about it but be kicked from a match for no good or apparent reason.

Totally fucking agree, rainbow six and every other game I've played with this function has players abusing the vote kick option all the time. It gets very frustrating and annoying.

Dev's pls if ur gonna listen to anything at all, listen to this, because vote kicking is something I cant fucking deal with.

@HAL-9000 @mateen27 Funny I haven’t been kicked nor have I seen anyone kicked from a single match yet... This feature must stay but damage reflection on the other hand that needs to go.

There should be a way to downvote...

Kicking is usually related to being AFK or bad talking, avoid those 2 and you should be fine 🙂

@HAL-9000 and @mateen27
I also haven´t been kicked yet and i also didn´t see anyone getting votekicked in any of the games i participated.

The Sandstorm community really asked for so long time to get this feature implemented
( because of the toxic, trolling players disturbing the gameplay ).
And now we have it finally !

So why don´t you just ask yourself if may be you gave a good reason to get votekicked ?
May be you rushed the mission objectives too quick and others didn´t want that ! ?
Perhaps they wanted to play slow and tactical while you were too fast and and pushing agressively ?
I think that it is very unlikely that so many players on a server are going to kick a player if he doesn´t give any good reason.

Even if there was a group of (steam)friends ( having the majority on one of the official NWI servers ) who are playing just the way they think this game should be played, i believe that everyone can try to integrate in that actual playstyle ( defensive and tactical ).
My advice, use your ingame Voice over IP feature to communicate with the group and ask if there is any desired playstyle.
Believe me when i say , running around like a headless chicken with guns blazing is not the way this game should be played.

Some groups ( which have the majority in that squad ) might not tolerate other players at all and votekick them without any reason,
but hey, there are a lot of other official NWI servers out there, i am sure you will find another one where you can play without getting votekicked !

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@planetcanada WHat??? there is no way to downvote the kick?

If you're playing "with" a group of people who know each other all you have to do to be targetted by them is to complete an objective, to loot a rpg, to open a door, or to dare to use your microphone to communicate and they will votekick you, hell you might even be playing as the observer and the commander keeps going off with his makarov and dying and blaming you and that is all the reasoning that group needs to votekick you nevermind the fact that you're playing properly and not being an idiot treating it like teamdeathmatch.

There is no workaround for being the victim in said situation, you are fucked regardless. Votekick is needed for kicking afks and tking scum, but there will always be the possibility that you will be targetted by a group and kicked for whatever shallow/pathetic reason they have.

Hosting/renting your own server is not a solution that i know some people would suggest.

I've been votekicked just for being a very aggressive breacher, I've been votekicked for using a flashbang and self blinding myself as the last man standing, I've been votekicked for "kill stealing", It's frustrating but i just hop to another server as it's the only way to deal with it.

I saw someone get kicked because he didn't know what he was doing in a push game. I told them not kick him but the morons did it anyway. People are such sheep and if one guy says we should kick someone then the rest fall in line like the little morons they are.

Vote kick is garbage. Always will be. You can mute people if you dont like what they say. If You pay for the game you should be able to play it without some little twat kicking you out of the game.

Just TK them faster.

Votekicks happen pretty rarely. We just votekicked someone yesterday in a Hardcore Checkpoint match because he was speed-rushing objectives (backcapping in fucking Coop) and was so far ahead of his team we'd never catch up.

@GSG_9_LIGHTNING said in Extreme Vote-kick Harassment:

So why don´t you just ask yourself if may be you gave a good reason to get votekicked ?
May be you rushed the mission objectives too quick and others didn´t want that ! ?
Perhaps they wanted to play slow and tactical while you were too fast and and pushing agressively ?

That's got to be the worst possible example of a "good reason to get votekicked" and actually supports removing vote kicking from the game. Are you so important that you should be able to enforce your play style on others under the threat of vote kicking? Should other players consult you before each round to make sure they understand your expectations of them lest you kick them for not pleasing you? What you describe is a pretty great example of abusing the vote kicking feature. I hope you don't actually treat people the way you described.

To those who haven't seen vote kicking abused, it gets abused as it does in every other game in which it's implemented. Just the other day a group of trolls was laughing over voice chat about picking random people and kicking them from the match. They thought it was hilarious.

Vote kicking is just another, more powerful tool for toxic players.

Gee, it's almost like the devs said exactly this would happen ...

@skillet I agree. Kicking a player should be last resort for toxic behavior, not used to boot players who aren't playing the way someone thinks they should be.

Devs sold out big time on this. Like this was the magic bullet to save their dying game. Ubisoft wannabes.

Ya because nothing was ever abused or exploited by toxic people until they re-introduced a mechanic that’s worked in many games for many many years in positive ways... Smfh...

I have not been vote kicked in this game yet, but yes, vote kick is abused in every game ever. People are too retarded to handle a kick vote option.

@planetcanada you could block the toxic people and they could only kill one person in a match before it was reflected. No need to give the toxic people more tools. Smfh

@MLB7 said in Extreme Vote-kick Harassment:

Ubisoft wannabes.

Adding a feature that was often requested by the community, even against their better judgement, makes them Ubisoft wannabes?

@MAA_Bunny Yes, that is my opinion. I have changed my steam review to thumbs down to warn the new comers about the game being a toxic garbage pit now. Will never buy another one of their games again.

For the record I have not been vote kicked in this game yet. It just pisses me off when I see people get kicked for no good reason. Used to happen to me in RB6S and I uninstalled that trash for it. I'll probably end up uninstalling this for it as well.