Bug - Sound glitch!

There's a small glitch with sounds that makes sound randomly disappear momentously, like for 3 or 4 seconds.
I only notice this bug with this last 1.2 patch.

This bug started with the previous update but happened rarely, now its frequency definately increased for me.

Hello @Feuerholz @Shadoware
Does it happen at specific spoints or is it quite random?
Thank you for reporting this issue by the way 🙂 have a great one!

To be honest i'm not certain. It might be random, but it might also be when people use voice. So far, if i'm not mistaken, this bug only occured to me when people where talking via the ingame voice.

The glitch still happens! It happened to me yesterday!
After last patch it seems to occur not so frequently though.

@Raibi It is random. There is nothing actively happening in game that makes it cut out. And quite frequently as well.