Hardcore Checkpoint Impressions

After switching back to INS2, I wanted to check out the new hardcore checkpoint mode and am happy to see the direction it's going! Thought I'd pass along some of my initial impressions:

  • Movement speed is MUCH better. I realize this is personal preference depending on whether you lean towards arcade or milsim but for me I prefer a methodical/stalking type of gameplay.

  • The new map (Outskirts) is very nice. Once again a preference issue. I but I like having to survey the terrain and clear the nooks and crannies. Having a few "lanes" that can easily be memorized and blocked off isn't as much fun for me. The collapsed building is a nice touch.

  • The idea of limited supply is good. BUT... It's a bit TOO limited IMHO. I like the idea of taking what you need for the mission and making it last. But, if you die, it's a bit of a bummer to get stuck with a kit you don't like for the balance of the match. I'm not sure what a good solution is yet but I'll give it some thought.

  • Friendly fire is an issue I don't want HUD markers in hardcore mode but this is where I like the original cosmetics much better than all these new accessories that players have asked for (and NWI have delivered). It used to be much easier to tell Security from Insurgents. But with both sides getting similar cosmetics, you can't use head scarves/helmets/face covering to quickly tell each side apart as you used to be able to. That was the obvious good solution which I felt WAS done well and has been spoiled which is a shame. I'd love to see a modding option that forces the cosmetics for each side to more unique and easily identifiable outfits.

All in all, it's a great step to coax me back but I'm still holding out for:

  • Varying objectives (co-op) so that each time you play a map it isn't Groundhog Day. DOI started to innovate with this. Why not SS?
  • Modding - While SS is getting there, I'm eager to tweak it to my groups exact preferences.

But overall, well done! I love Insurgency and am eager for SS to mature to the point where we're all happy to move on from INS2/DOI. I want the snazzy graphics, awesome sound and better bots... But gameplay comes first! 🙂


If you allow i'll add some thoughts. The HC mode is quite nice indeed but could use some more work.

  • Movement speed seems a little too slow for me now. It's definately more tactical, but it feels like leisurely strolling along instead of being in a dangerous situation. This "felt" speed issue has been prevalent with reloading certain guns from the start.

  • Limited Supply is quite limited, i agree. Add some ammo to the enemies you kill. None of them is carrying more than one magazine, which seems exaggerated while they drop modern weapons with bipods, laser pointers and scopes, and dropped LMGs never seem to have anything bigger than the drum mag.
    Allowing to also resupply a few magazines after completely resupplying at a crate would be cool, too.
    Also, sometimes you just cannot take the mag from another gun despite it having one which can be checked simply by picking it up.

  • Holding the Gun while running like it is currently doesn't make sense to me, i do not believe anyone doing that irl, or am i wrong? Also, it doesn't reflect in 3rd person.

  • Map overview is too limited now that i have to rely on it. Zoom in the map so i can actually see what's going on when people are defending a small area for example.

  • Bots are still behaving unexpectedly, like sniping me from 50m immediately after i put a bullet into him, and then the last man standing is able to knife an entire squad because they just don't shoot at him.

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@Feuerholz said in Hardcore Checkpoint Impressions:

Bots are still behaving unexpectedly, like sniping me from 50m immediately after i put a bullet into him...

Due to yet another AI complaint I feel compelled to link my post for this yet again:


Maybe one day NWI will fix the goddamn AI. Who knows?