System Build Game is being played on
Processor: Intel i5 4690k 3.5ghz oc boost 4.3ghz
Memory: DDR3 16gb ram
System Storage: 2 Partitioned 1TB HDD's
Video Card: MSI GTX970 4gb oc
Screen Resolution: 1920x1080
Game Video Settings: Very High

  1. Transparent circle shows up in the middle of the screen. Makes it so you do not see most of the upper receiver to your weapon and allows you to see only the mag well. Only encountered this 2 times

  2. Constant black screening after completion of some matches. This happens at random at any time during all game modes.

  3. Continued audio of weapons after enemy has been killed.

  4. Running animation does not seem to be working properly all of the time.

  5. Load outs do not save at all. Have to reset them every time the game is restarted. This happens all of the time.

6)Enemy hit boxes not registering the proper hits to center mass index.

7)Seems to be more lag than before in every match.

  1. Rendering and un-rendering of enemy units after they have spawned. Example (Enemy randomly spawns in front of me and begins to engage. Than despawns only to respawn in a different location usually with in 5m of its original appearance, that always seem to take advantage and kill me every time.) This has happened several times in the past but seems to be a more frequent thing now than before patch 1.2

9)This has only happened one time, shortly after dying I respawned when I should not have been able to do so. This happened 30 seconds after an objective capture with no other objective being assaulted at the time. I should have stayed dead, but respawned instead.