Pretty simple post here, really. Just a few bugs I'm yeeting in.

-> The Firing Range doesn't quite allow the player to equip everything in-game. Some stuff requires the player to use the Admin Menu to equip. I'll list what's missing:

  • You cannot equip TM-61 anti-vehicle mines.

  • The Mosin-Nagant's unique 4x PU scope is not available.

  • The 1.5x PK-AS scope is missing from so many guns it's insane. In fact, I'll actually just list what guns the PK-AS can currently be attachable to, which consists of everything in the AK family (except for the Alpha AK) and the SVD.

-> The UI doesn't show if your weapon has Extended Mags equipped with these firearms:

  • MP5A2

  • MP5A5

  • PF940

  • M82A1 CQ

  • M99

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