Hey guys, here to report to you another beautiful bug that a few people have been experiencing, and that is the Faulty Hit Registration. I've never encountered this bug before in any of the previous patches, it popped up AFTER this one with the new Outskirts map and everything. Most of the guys will go "oh, that's because you have a high ping" but I assure you, playing on even the lowest ping servers (50-100 is the least I can get) had the same outcome.

I've recorded a few clips of the game play (all uploaded on https://vimeo.com) and they are as follows:

These were recorded on the new hardcore checkpoint mode, but bad regs happen in every mode now.

Just your everyday Farmhouse game.

Absorbs three rounds before actually realising it is being shot and dies.

Similarly, you can clearly see the first shot is just absorbed by the bot as if nothing happened.

Absorbception - 1st round is absorbed.

No blood splatter, no nothing.

Rounds refuse to hit the bot and instead hit the wall behind it.

Most of you are going to make me eat shit for my accuracy, but it is what it is.

How to Teamkill 101

This video here has been provided to me by a Discord user and is actually quite sad and hilarious.

Saved the best for last.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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